Computing Services

Our mission is to bridge the gap between educator, student and technology, and facilitate the learning process by providing a user-friendly, stable computing environment. Toward this end, we provide computing support to the faculty, staff, and students of the CSE department, supporting over 3000 users each quarter. Our computing staff also design and build various software tools and hardware to support a unified computing environment.

The CSE domain is divided into the instructional and research environment. The instructional environment is used primarily by faculty to teach courses, and students who are enrolled in CSE courses. The instructional environment consists of both a Windows and UNIX environment. Computers in the instructional environment are owned and administered by the CSE department, and include computers in the CSE computing labs, graduate TA and Fellow offices, and the faculty and staff offices.

The research environment is used by faculty, post-doctorate researchers and graduate research assistants for supported research projects. Computers in the research environment are purchased by researchers with research funds, and are jointly administered by the researcher and department computing staff.

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