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Support CSE


The Department of Computer Science and Engineering (CSE) at The Ohio State University is a leading education and research entity of information technology in the United States and the world. The department is dedicated to providing a rigorous and advanced learning environment for students with diverse career goals of science, engineering and applications. 

CSE faculty, students and research fellows aim to make innovations and contributions to advance computing technologies and applications for the benefit of our students, our university, the State of Ohio, and the nation. The State of Ohio supports our program, but those contributions fund just a fraction of the actual cost of educating our students. We rely on external grants and research funds to support these efforts, but more importantly, we depend heavily on the contributions of alumni and friends who support our efforts. A donation to CSE can provide support for a student’s educational expenses, maintain our education and research facilities, or enhance our overall program offerings.

Supporting CSE Students

With continued generous donations by our alumni and friends, the CSE department is able provide scholarships to select CSE students each year. These scholarships make a tremendous impact on the academic careers and lives of our students.

More than half of Ohio State students take out loans to pay for school, with an average debt per borrower of $26,932. Your decision to donate to a CSE scholarship has never been more important. Help us expand our scholarship funds to enable more CSE students to stay in school and complete their degrees.

Click here to give to the CSE Department Scholarship Fund.

Supporting the CSE Department

Research grants and state contributions only provide a small portion of the funding needed for CSE to remain a leader in teaching and research. If you are interested in supporting the department’s areas of greatest need, including faculty and program support, click here (link) to give to the CSE Department Priority Fund.

Ways to Give

There are many ways to give to the Computer Science and Engineering Department, including establishing an endowed or support fund, or contributing to the CSE fund of your choice.

You can contribute directly to the CSE fund of your choice through The Ohio State University Online Giving secure website and online donation form. Visit our lists of CSE department funds to find out more about established funds and donate online to a particular activity you wish to support.

Matching Gifts

Corporate matching gifts are a great way for Ohio State alumni, parents, and friends to maximize personal contributions to the University and increase the impact of their gift. To see if your company participates, please see the Ohio State Corporate Matching Gifts website for more information.

Contact Us

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Katie Kuvin, CFRE, BM ’12, MM ’14
Director of Development
College of Engineering Office of Advancement

390 Dreese Laboratory
2015 Neil Avenue, Columbus, OH 43210
614-247-7791 Office | 513-236-7809 Mobile 

Support CSE

$50,000 for the 50th

Donate to the department to help us reach the goal of $50,000 in donations to celebrate over 50 years of teaching excellence

Click here to make your donation.