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Two CSE professors awarded The Lumley Engineering Research Award
The Lumley Engineering Research Awards are presented to a select group of...
Design flaw could open Bluetooth devices to hacking
New research shows the way devices “talk” to apps leaves them vulnerable
Best Community Paper Award at MobiCom 2016
Faculty member, Chunyi Peng and her student, Haotian Deng, with their...
Research Innovation Drives an Industry-Leading Computational Geometry Engine in High Speed
The polygon overlay is a complex and time-consuming process to superimpose...
Two CSE Professors Named IEEE Fellows
IEEE raised Tamal Dey and Prasun Sinha to the rank of Fellow.
MVAPICH Speeds to #1
The work of Dr. DK Panda and the NOWLAB powers the fastest computer on the...
Davis Innovation Recognized
Dr. James Davis was awarded the College of Engineering's Innovator Award.
DK Panda named Distinguished Scholar
Dr. DK Panda received a 2014 University Distinguished Scholar Award.