Rules & Policies

The primary purpose of the labs is to support the educational process. Accordingly, all users are expected to conduct themselves in a mature and professional manner and abide by the following rules at all times. Users who fail to do so may have their accounts locked.

OSU Office of the Cheif Information Officer Policy on Responsible Use of University Computing and Network Resources

Food & Drink
Food and drink are not permitted in the labs at any time.
Game Playing & Recreational Computing
Workstations may not be used exclusively for game playing or recreational computing (Facebook, etc.) when the lab is more than half full. CSE Operators and Consultants have the authority to ask users who are monopolizing workstations for recreational purposes to stop and surrender their workstation if they have no other work to do.
Account Security
Per department policy: "A CSE Computer account is to be used by the individual assigned to it and by no one else." Under no circumstances should any user ever reveal their password or share their account with another user. If a user suspects their account is compromised for any reason, the user is required to change their password immediately.
Locking Workstations
Users are permitted to and should lock their workstations if they need to step away for a short time. Users who will be away from their workstation for more than 15 minutes should log out of their workstation. Workstations that are left locked for more than 15 minutes will be logged out, and any unsaved data will be lost.
Displaying Inappropriate or Offensive Content
Computers in public labs are the property of the University and considered part of the workplace. Content displayed should be appropriate to maintaining a supportive, friendly work environment. Any user who finds the display of any content inappropriate should contact the CSE Help Desk
Printer Usage
Users are permitted a maximum of 3 print jobs in any print queue at any time. Users should not print multiple copies of the same document. Large or graphically intensive print jobs should be printed only when the load on the printer is low. Violation of any of these policies may result in the removal of the offending print job from the queue.
Compute-intensive applications
So that all users have equal opportunity to access the CSE computing environment, user processes are monitored by the CSE computing staff. Large processes (defined as processes that use 25% or more of the total CPU resources on a given server for an extended period of time), processes left running for more than 12 hours and processes left running while the user is not logged in will be killed. Users who need to run a compute-intensive program should use the nice command to run their process at a lower priority; see man nice for more details.

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