Student Opportunities

The CSE Department employ many types of student staff:

Closed Lab/Windows Consultant
Assists CSE1111/1112/1113/2111 students with coursework. Grades closed lab assignments submitted by CSE1111/1113/2111 students. Maintains an environment conducive to learning in the labs; ensures that the lab is kept clean, all equipment is in proper working condition, all users abide by CSE and University policies, and assists lab users with questions to the best of their ability.
Please contact Catherine McKinley ( for application information.
Undergraduate Grader
Assists the course instructor with administrative duties and helps manage the class in a positive manner that is helpful in meeting the needs of the student course population. Average hours per week vary with each course, generally 5 – 8 hours per week (with a few exceptions). A general list of duties for an undergraduate grader are included below. If you have additional questions, please contact Kathryn Reeves. Students interested may fill out an online application.

Undergraduate Grader Duties:
  • Positive and timely communication with instructor
  • Keeps appoints with instructor, if/when requested
  • Communicates student problems and concerns to the instructor
  • Proactive and uses good judgement when handling student concerns and/or administrative issues
  • Accurately maintains the course gradebook if requested
  • Knows FERPA rules as it relates to sharing personal student information, including grades
  • Holds office hours
  • Answers e-mails associated with the course in a courteous and timely manner
  • Effectively, accurately and fairly grades assignments (lab, homework, projects, etc), excluding all exams***, in a timely manner
  • Helps develop homework and/or lab material; extent determined by the instructor
  • Review assignments or exams prior to them being handed out to students, if requested
  • Communicates effectively with second grader, when applicable
  • Helps proctor exams, if requested
  • Attend course lab sessions, if applicable/requested
  • Attend course lectures, if applicable/requested
  • Performs other related assigned duties as they pertain to the current position, with permission of the instructor
*** NOTE: It is never acceptable for an undergraduate grader to grade exams (no exceptions).


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