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Network Access

The CSE Computing Staff maintains two separate subnets for research equipment: an unrestricted subnet, and a secure subnet.

The unrestricted subnet is minimally protected by the department firewall and allows unfettered access to devices from the outside world. Individual researchers with devices on the unrestricted subnet are expected to ensure that their host-based firewall fully protects the device.

The secure subnet is fully firewalled from the outside world, and only permits HTTP and encrypted protocols such as SSH, RDC and HTTPS. Additional ports may be open to specific devices only if the protocol using the port is encrypted and protected by secure authorization and authenication methods.

To connect a device to the CSE network, research faculty should contact the Help Desk via e-mail with the appropriate information based on the following scenarios:

New Device
For brand new devices that have never been connected to the CSE network, please refer to Equipment Purchase & Setup for instructions.
Existing Device (not currently connected)*
For existing devices that have been off the network for an extended period of time, please provide the CSE Inventory Tag number, DNS name for the device, which subnet the device should be on (unrestricted or secure), and the buidling, room number and cubical location where the device will be installed.
Moving and existing device**
If the device is currently on the network and needs to be moved to a different location, please provide the CSE Inventory Tag number, current location of the device (building, room number and cubical or location), current wall jack number (should be on a tag on the cable connected to the device), and the new location (building, room number and cubical or location).

Only requests from current research faculty will be accepted. Students may not request network connections.

Only devices owned by the department may be connected to the CSE network. Personally owned devices must use OSU Wireless to connect to the campus network.

Requests for device installation in a "shared" space will require verification of the space assignment with administrative staff before proceeding with the connection.

* The primary user of the device will need to follow the appropriate instructions for CCSS Certification before it can be connected to the network.

** Before any device may be reconnected to the network, it must be audited for CCSS Certification.

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