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Each account has a disk quota and a print quota assigned to it based on the type of account. Default quotas are as follows:

Disk quotas
Guest/Collaborator and Event Accounts: 20MB
Class/Program 60 Accounts: 500MB
Undergraduate Majors: 2GB
Graduate Majors: 6GB
Staff: 15GB
Faculty: 40GB
Print Quotas (per term)
Guest/Collaborator and Event Accounts: 200 print credits
Class/Program 60 Accounts: 5 print credits
      - Classes requiring printed assignments: 250 print credits
Undergraduate Majors: 750 print credits
Graduate Majors: 1000 print credits
Faculty and Staff: unlimited

Disk Quota Usage

Users may see their disk quota and usage with the command quota -v in UNIX. Disk quota details may be viewed in Windows by double clicking the "Computer" icon and selecting the Z:\ drive. Details and a usage bar are listed below the drive letter

Over Quota

Users who exceed their disk quota will not be able to login to the UNIX environment graphically or create new files, and may experience other problems in the Windows environment. Users may remove files from the Z:\ drive or by connecting to the UNIX environment via SSH. Common files that can be large and cause over quota issues include Internet Explorer/Firefox cache, compiled program files, large e-mail spools or e-mails with large attachments, music and video files. Users who need help staying within quota limits may visit the Help Desk for assistance finding and removing large files.

Users who exceed their print quota will not be able to print until quotas are reset at the beginning of the following quarter.

Quota Extensions

Faculty members may request quota extensions for their advisees or students by contacting the Help Desk. Extensions are reviewed by CSE Computing Staff on a case-by-case basis.

Print Quota Usage

PaperCut NG is our print management software. CSE users can monitor their printing quota. On departmental computers, the software resides in the Task Bar on the bottom right, as seen below. 

Opening the app will show you your remaining print quota in page units. Each sheet sent to a Black and White (B/W) printer costs 1 print credit and each sheet sent to a Color printer costs 10 print credits.  Printing duplex is the same cost as non-duplex.

If the app shows that you have 50 remaining, then that means that you have 50 B/W printer sheets or 5 Color printer sheets remaining in your quota this term.

Research computers do not have this software, but you can also use a browser to check your print quota: .  Click here to check your quota.