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Usernames & Passwords


Usernames for most accounts are automatically generated and may not be changed once they are assigned. Usernames are persistent and usually do not change, even after an account has been removed.

New students will typically be advised of their username by the instructor of their first CSE course. Users may also visit the Help Desk with a photo ID to obtain their username.


The CSE computer accounts are now synchronized with the University's name.n accounts.  The CSE UNIX/Linux and Windows environments now use the same password as your OSU University name.n account. Setting or changing your OSU password will affect your password in CSE's Windows and UNIX/Linux environments.  Your CSE username will not change, only your password.

Password Changes

In order to maintain account security and the security of the CSE environment, users are required to change their password every 180 days.

You will be using your CSE username and your name.n password to login into CSE computers.  To change your password you will need to go to

If you change your password by using Crtl-Alt-Del --> Change Password on Windows or the passwd command on a CSE Linux login server you will only change your CSE password.  This will result in your name.n password and CSE passwords being different.  But when you are required to change your OSU name.n password it will push down and change the CSE password.

In order to keep your passwords from getting out of sync please remember to only change your CSE/OSU password by going to

Account Lock Out

If you incorrectly input your password 5 times, your account will be locked for 30 minutes.

Forgotten Passwords

Users who forget their password should reset their password at  You can visit the Help Desk in person with a photo ID for assistance with having their password reset. For security reasons, we will not help with password resets over the phone or via e-mail.

Password Security

Passwords should never be shared with anyone under any circumstances, even CSE Computing Staff. CSE Computing Staff and Operators will never ask for your password. Never respond to an e-mail that asks for your username and password under any circumstances, even if it appears to be from CSE Computing Staff. Such e-mails are phishing attempts and should be brought to the attention of a CSE Computing Staff member.

Passwords should be changed every 180 days. Previous passwords should not be reused. If you suspect your password has been compromised for any reason, change it immediately. Passwords patterns should be complex and not easily guessable patterns like dictionary words, names of family members or pets' names. More information on password security and creating a strong password are avaialble at the Office of the Chief Information Officer's Safe Computing website.