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The CSE Department maintains a subscription to the MSDNAA (Microsoft Developer Network Academic Alliance), through which CSE Faculty, Staff, and fee-paying students may obtain copies of Microsoft software titles at no charge.


CSE Faculty, and fee-paying students are eligible for MSDNAA.

Software Availability

Most Microsoft software titles are available via secure download from the MSDNAA Software Center, including Windows and Windows Server Versions, Visual Studio, Visio, Project, Expression, SharePoint and SharePoint Server, SQL Server and Exchange Server. Please note that Microsoft Office is not available via MSDNAA. Microsoft Office may be purchased via the Microsoft Personal Use Program at UniPrint.


Software obtained from the MSDNAA Software Center may be installed on personally owned computers or research machines. It may not be installed on instructional desktops. Checked-out media may not be copied.

Access to the MSDNAA Software Center

A username and password are required to use the MSDNAA Software Center. Login credentials are e-mailed to eligible users at their OSU e-mail address when they are enrolled, typically at the beginning of the first term they are eligible.

Forgotten Password

A forgotten or lost password may be retrieved from the "Login Help" section at the right of the MSDNAA Software Center login page. When prompted, enter your fully qualified CSE e-mail address; an e-mail with login details will be sent to that address.