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Personal Web Space

Any CSE user may maintain their own webpage by creating a folder called WWW in their home folder and setting the permissions to world read/execute. The user's home folder must also have its permissions set to world read/execute. This may be done by executing the following sequence of commands from a a UNIX prompt:

cd ~
chmod a+rx .
mkdir WWW 
chmod a+rx WWW 

Once the WWW folder is created, the user may place world readable HTML files and world readable/executable subfolders in that folder. URL's to view a user's webpage take the form

Any index.html file placed in a folder will be loaded automatically when the URL for the folder is requested. For example, the URL

automatically loads the index.html file in jsmith's WWW folder. It is recommended that users do create an index.html file in their root WWW folder so that our automated software will add them to the list of users with a readable homepage.


For security reasons, execution of CGI programs is not permitted in user web space. Java applets (not servelets) and Javascript are permitted.

Computing Staff reserves the right to remove material from a user's web space for the following reasons:

  • The material is creating an excessive amount of traffic, slowing down the system, or using excessive amounts of disk space.
  • The material is deemed to be in violation of applicable laws.
  • The material violates applicable University policies