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Building Access

BuckID access for Dreese and Caldwell Labs is managed by OSU Lock & Key Services. Computing Services updates the access lists automatically based on each user's status within the department.

Dreese Labs (northeast door)
CSE Undergraduate and Graduate majors, faculty and staff
Caldwell Labs
CSE Graduate TAs, computing staff, operators and consultants.

If your BuckID will not open one of these doors, please visit Lock & Key Services to verify your access and troubleshoot as necessary. If you do not have access to a building you believe you should, please contact the Help Desk for further assistance.


Please note that the 19-digit BuckID number is classified as restricted data and may only be electronically transmitted (e-mailed) if it is encrypted. Please do not e-mail BuckID numbers to the Help Desk. Alternate unique identifiers such as the 9-digit OSU ID number, name.# or CSE usernames should be e-mailed instead.

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