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System Status


All CSE systems and services are currently working normally.


Scheduled Outages:

Dreese Labs Planned Power Outage: June 28th @ 5:00PM

  • As part of the elevator upgrade project one of the elevators needs to be put on the building generator so it is functional during electrical outages. In order to make this adjustment, the power to everything currently on the generator circuits needs to be powered down, this includes the CSE's data center and the equipment there in.
  • The outage will take down all CSE core services and will require all research equipment in the CSE Research data center to be powered down. Any research equipment not down by 6:00 PM on the 28th will be powered down by IT personnel.
  • Please make sure to close all files open over the network and log out of your desktops before 5:00 PM on the 28th.


If you have any issues or concerns please submit a request at, email the CSE Help Desk at