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System Status


CSE Systems are currently degraded.


Scheduled Outages: None


Known Issues:

This term we have been working through a number of different issues with regards to the CSE Linux login servers. The most pervasive have been users inability to get logged in, high server loads, problems with remote connections and a couple other more class specific things.

The high server load is a multi-faceted issue. We are working on tuning the systems for each process that is behind this. As this is the root cause of many of the denied logins users are experiencing we are diligently focused on getting the loads to a more manageable level.

One thing that would help reduce loads while we work on this is for people to stop using FastX. If all you need to run is a terminal session/s please use Putty. Instructions on how to configure Putty can be found on our website at the link listed below.

The remote login problems that most users are experiencing come from the fact that starting SU '18 semester a VPN is required to access CSE systems. If you are having remote login issues please make sure you are following the instructions on the CSE website before contacting the CSE Help Desk:


Following are some work arounds and instructions on how to deal with the most common issues you might be running into:

SNV Connection Issues:

Issue: When connecting to your SVN repo you recieve a message indicating the remote host or file cannot be find.

Solution: Verify you are connected to Pulse VPN. Open Putty and establish a ssh connect to stdlinux. Once connected to stdlinux launch eclipse and refresh your repo location.


FastX Errors:

Issue: When connecting to stdlinux you recieve a message indication 'Warning: Possible DNS Spoofing Detected'

Solution:  Mac: to fix this error you will need to remove or edit the known_host file location in your user home .ssh folder. The following command will remove the file and allow you to reconnect to stdlinux: rm ~/.ssh/known_hosts

Issue: When launching FastX and making a connection to stdlinux you recieve an error "File path or location cannot be found"

Solution: In file explorer address bar type %appdata% to go to your appdata folder. Create the following folder structure: 'StarNet Communications' > 'FastX' > 'Connections'



Issue: Firefox does not close properly and opening a new firefox session gives the following error: "Multiple windows of firefox are currently open. Please close all firefox windows"

Solution: Remove a lock file in your User Home Mozilla folder using the following command:
rm ~/.mozilla/firefox/"profilename.default"/.parentlock
rm ~/.mozilla/firefox/"profilename.default"/lock

Issue: When launching firefox, the window launches then hangs and does not display or the application closes with no error.

Solution: Move or rename your ".mozilla" folder to a new location to generate a new profile by using the following command:
mv ~/.mozilla ~/.mozilla.old


If you have any issues or concerns please submit a request at, email the CSE Help Desk at