Course Management (CRConfig)

The information on this page is intended to famaliarize CSE course instructors and TAs with CSE Department course management tools.

CRConfig is the primary program used by course coordinators and instructors to manage resources for their courses. Course coordinators manage the course default, or template, for their courses, including managing submit and project diretories. Course instructors may access manage resources for the section(s) of a course they are teaching in any given quarter. These resources include viewing the class roster, managing submit and project directories, and managing graders. A detailed FAQ is available here.
UNIX Submit
UNIX submit directories are located in /submit in the UNIX environment, and are accessible with the command cd /submit. Each subdirectory is named in the format cNNNNxx, where NNNN is the course number and xx are two automatically generated, lower-case letters (aa, ab, ac and so on). Submit directories are managed by the course coordinator and instructors using CRConfig. For more information, please see the CRConfig FAQ.

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