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Course NumberCourse NameUnitssort descending
5539Intermediate Studies in Artificial Intelligence2
5541Computer Game and Animation Techniques2
5559Intermediate Studies in Computer Graphics2
5889Intermediate Studies in Multidisciplinary Computing2
1111Introduction to Computer-Assisted Problem Solving3
1112Introduction to Computer-Assisted Problem Solving for Construction Systems Management3
1211Computational Thinking in Context: Images, Animation, and Games3
1212Computational Thinking in Context: Mobile Applications3
1222Introduction to Computer Programming in C++ for Engineers and Scientists3
1223Introduction to Computer Programming in Java3
2021Introduction to Modeling and Simulation3
2111Modeling and Problem Solving with Spreadsheets and Databases3
2112Modeling and Problem Solving with Spreadsheets and Databases for Engineers3
2122Data Structures Using C++3
2123Data Structures Using Java3
2133Business Programming with File Processing3
2222Software I.5-Transition: Development of Software Components3
2321Foundations I: Discrete Structures3
2331Foundations II: Data Structures and Algorithms3
2431Systems II: Introduction to Operating Systems3
3231Software Engineering Techniques3
3232Software Requirements Analysis3
3241Introduction to Database Systems3
3244Data Management in the Cloud3
3321Automata and Formal Languages3