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Course NumberCourse NameUnitssort ascending
2221Software I: Software Components4
2231Software II: Software Development and Design4
2231.01Software II-Transition: Software Development and Design4
2421Systems I: Introduction to Low-Level Programming and Computer Organization4
3430Overview of Computer Systems For Non-Majors4
3901Project: Design, Development, and Documentation of Web Applications4
3902Project: Design, Development, and Documentation of Interactive Systems4
3903Project: Design, Development, and Documentation of System Software4
5911Capstone Design: Software Applications4
5912Capstone Design: Game Design and Development4
5913Capstone Design: Computer Animation4
5914Capstone Design: Knowledge-Based Systems4
5915Capstone Design: Information Systems4
1111Introduction to Computer-Assisted Problem Solving3
1112Introduction to Computer-Assisted Problem Solving for Construction Systems Management3
1211Computational Thinking in Context: Images, Animation, and Games3
1212Computational Thinking in Context: Mobile Applications3
1222Introduction to Computer Programming in C++ for Engineers and Scientists3
1223Introduction to Computer Programming in Java3
2021Introduction to Modeling and Simulation3
2111Modeling and Problem Solving with Spreadsheets and Databases3
2112Modeling and Problem Solving with Spreadsheets and Databases for Engineers3
2122Data Structures Using C++3
2123Data Structures Using Java3
2133Business Programming with File Processing3