Application to Major

Links to the CSE and CIS applications are below, but please read this important information carefully first:

If you plan to meet the major admission requirements at the end of the current semester, you should apply now. The application is open from the first day of classes through October 30.

Some notes regarding the use of the PA/NP option: The requirements for admission to the CSE and CIS majors HAVE NOT CHANGED.  Students must still complete all course requirements and meet minimum Cumulative and Major GPA requirements.

If you completed CSE 2221 Spring 2020 and chose the PA/NP option for it, you did not establish your Major GPA and thus will not be eligible for admission to the major.  If you passed the course, you will still be able to take CSE 2231 and 2321 as a pre-major, and you will have to reapply during the term in which you complete these two courses.

If you are completed CSE 2231 and 2321, or higher, Spring 2020 and chose the option for any of your current CSE courses, your Major GPA will be based on CSE 2221 and any other higher CSE courses for which you have received a letter grade.

We have received some questions regarding using PA/NP for the required non-CSE courses.  These courses have always been accepted as long as course credit is earned, which occurs with a grade of D or higher.  If you choose the PA/NP option for any of these courses, you must have successfully Passed to gain course credit.  


Prerequisites for admission to major



CIS (BS and BA)

Prerequisites for admission to major


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