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BA CIS: Curriculum

The BA CIS curriculum consists of the following components:

  • CS Core (20 hours);
  • Related Field Core (12 hours);
  • General Education: Math/Science (27 hours);
  • General Education: Liberal Arts (36 hours);
  • Program Electives (27 hours).

The minimum total hours for the BA CIS degree is 122 credit hours. See also summary of requirements for the BA CIS program. See this document for an explanation of what "related field" means and how you should choose one.

CS Core (20 hours):

  • CSE 2221, 2231 (Software I, II; 8 hrs)
  • CSE 2321 (Foundations I; 3 hrs)
  • CSE 2421 (Systems I; 4 hrs)
  • Choose one of the following:
    • CSE 2501 Social, Ethical and Professional Issues in Computing¬†(1 hr)
    • Philos 1338¬†Ethics in the Professions: Introduction to Computing Ethics and Effective Presentation (4 hrs)
  • CSE 390X Project (4 hrs)

Related Field Core (12 hours):

  • Four related-field courses, chosen in consultation with advisor, at the 1000-level and above, for a total of 12 or more cr-hours;
  • At least 6 of the 12 hours must be courses at the 2000-level and above;
  • Courses at the 1000-level, as per ASC guidelines, are considered pre-major courses.

General Education: Liberal Arts (36 hours):

  • English, Writing I (Engl 1100.xx), Writing II (6 hrs)
  • Literature (3 hrs)
  • Arts (3 hrs)
  • Historical Study (3 hrs)
  • Culture & Ideas or additional Historical Study (3 hrs)
  • Social Science I, II (6 hrs)
  • Foreign Language (12 hrs)
  • The GE requirements applicable to BA students in ASC are listed in this document; please also check with ASC to make sure that there have not been any recent changes.

General Education: Math/Science (27 hours):

  • ASC/NMS Survey 1100.xx (1 hr)
  • Math 1151, 1152 (Calculus I, II) (10 hrs)
  • Stat 2450 or higher (3 hrs)
  • GE Natural Science (10 hrs)
    • The ASC requirements for natural science courses is a minimum of 10 cr hrs;
    • Must include at least one bio science course and at least one physical science course;
    • At least one course must be a lab course;
    • One possible combination: Earth Sc. 1100, ENR 2100, HCS 2200.
      Many others are possible; see ACS website for details; some combinations may add to over 10 cr hrs.
  • Additional Math or Science (3 hrs)

Program Electives (27 hours):

  • At least 13 cr-hrs of CSE 2331 or CSE 2431 or CSE courses at the 3000-level or above;
  • At most 1 cr-hr of CSE 425X
  • At most 2 cr-hrs total of CSE 4193, 4193H, 4998, 4998H, 4999, 4999H
  • At most 4 cr-hrs of non-CSE technical courses, including Math 2000-level or above courses, designated by the CSE Undergraduate Studies Committee
  • At least 6 cr-hrs of additional courses in Related Field at the 2000-level or above
  • CSE Advising Office can suggest tracks based on interest

The Colleges of Arts and Sciences requires that students earn a C- or better for all courses listed in the major (except for courses at the 1000-level which are considered "pre-major" courses). In addition, a 2.00 cumulative point-hour ratio is required for all courses in the major. These are college requirements and cannot waived by the department.

Note: This curriculum applies to all students who enter the Ohio State University in Summer '12 or later. If you entered OSU before Su '12, please see the semester conversion page for the requirements you have to meet to complete the BS CSE; also consult the Advising Office.