Changing to pre-CSE or pre-CIS

To change your major to pre-CSE:

If you are in the College of Engineering already, please e-mail the advisor below according to your last name. Keep in mind that changing to pre-CSE does not guarantee admission to the CSE major.

If you are not already in the College of Engineering: visit this website for details regarding pre-major eligibility and important deadlines. Not all students are eligible to change to the College of Engineering, so it is important that you read the information carefully. Next, e-mail the academic advisor below according to the first letter of your LAST name. In your e-mail, confirm that you have read through the website and wish to be sent a link to the Change to Engineering Pre-Major request form.

Last Name Advisor Contact
A-F Kami Westhoff
G-K LaNorris Alexander
L-R Leslie Dowler
S-Z CA Wade

To change your major to pre-CIS:

Please e-mail to request an appointment with an Arts and Sciences advisor.


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