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GET Immersion

Program Structure

The GET Immersion Experience has four components:

  • Residency and Internship experiences:
    • Summer Residency: 2-week intensive course in May
    • Summer Internship: May – Early August
    • Fall Internship & Online Coursework: August - December
  • Industry practitioners provide insight and feedback on course content
  • A faculty member from your host organization is assigned as your mentor
  • Intern teams present the results of their project on IT-enabled innovation to senior executives
How does GET Immersion work with the CSE and CIS majors?

CSE and CIS students chosen to participate in the GET Immersion Experience should register for a minimum of six credit hours through a combination of CSE 4193 and CSE 4998.  If full-time enrollment is necessary for financial aid, insurance, etc, additional hours can be added.  However, ONLY SIX HOURS WILL APPLY TOWARD GRADUATION through the technical elective portion of the major.  Two of the six hours will count as part of the minimum eight CSE hours; the other four hours will count as “non-CSE” hours.  In other words, students who complete the GET program will still need, in order to complete their technical-elective requirements, six more hours of CSE coursework and three more hours of some combination of CSE and relevant non-CSE coursework.  Work with an advisor in the CSE Advising Office (374 Dreese) to make sure you are enrolled in the correct sections for the appropriate number of credit hours and to understand how the hours are applying to your degree. Students in other majors will need to work with their respective advisors to determine the number of hours to register for and how the hours will apply to their degrees.