Recent Announcements

1. The CSE Advising Office is growing!:

Given the large growth in the number of our majors and pre-majors, the CSE Advising Office is expected to grow in the near future with the addition of two full-time advisors. This will enable us to effectively advice the students in the program as well as deal with prospective students. We also expect to acquire additional office space to accommodate the new advisors.


2. Prerequisites are being enforced:

Until recently, students registering for CSE courses were expected to ensure that they had successfully completed all posted prerequisites for the courses in question or were in the process of doing so; but, with the exception of a certain specific courses, the registration system did not prevent students who may not yet have completed some of the prerequisites from registering for the course. While most students did indeed complete all prerequisites before registering for a course, each semester there were also a handful of exceptions.

Starting Spring 2018, this will no longer be the case. The registration system will check that students registering for a course have either successfully completed all of the prerequisites for the course in question or are in the process of doing so at the time of registration; and if at the time of registration for a course X a student is in the process of completing a prerequisite course Y, but then fails to obtain a passing grade in the course Y, the registration system will drop the student from the course X.

In some rare cases, a student who has not yet taken the course Y may have, nevertheless, possibly because of relevant work experience etc., obtained the essential knowledge and skills developed in Y that are necessary for success in the later course X. In such cases, the student may approach the course coordinator for X and make a case for being allowed to register for X without having completed Y. But approval of such cases will be *extremely rare* and will require the student to demonstrate, to the satisfaction of the course coordinator, that he/she has indeed obtained the necessary knowledge and skills to sufficient depth to ensure his/her success in X. In particular, students should note that reasons such as financial pressure to complete the program by a given time or having an attractive job offer that will be rescinded if the student doesn't complete the program by a given semester etc., will *not*, by themselves, be considered sufficient to allow the student to register for the course.

3. Small change in the BS-CSE and BS-CIS programs:

Currently, students in BS-CSE and BS-CIS are required to take either CSE 3321 ("Formal languages and automata theory") or CSE 3341 ("Programming language concepts") as one of the core-choice courses; if they take both, the second one counts as a technical elective.

For students who enter OSU in Autumn '18 and beyond, CSE 3341 will be a required course; they may also take CSE 3321 as a technical elective course. Students who are already in OSU before that date may follow the current program; i.e., they may take either 3321 or 3341.

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