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Undergraduate Research

Undergraduate research opportunities are available and encouraged for those CSE/CIS undergraduates with high academic standing and an interest to participate in active CSE research projects. Students of junior and senior standing are typically most qualified and desired, but advanced sophomore and freshman students will also be considered.


Quick Guide to CSE Undergraduate Research


To begin the process, please complete and submit the application form provided below. You will need to choose up to 3 faculty members that best relate to your research interest (a faculty directory and research can be found here). Your application will be sent automatically to your selected faculty. If there is interest and availability with any of the selected faculty, they will respond to you to engage you further.


Submit an Application


Prof. Jim Davis is the Undergraduate Research Coordinator for the CSE department. Please email him if you have any questions regarding getting involved in CSE undergraduate research.


Current Advertisements for Research Positions

  • Seeking 2 undergraduate researchers in the Computer Vision Lab (Prof. Davis). We are looking to hire 2 undergrads to assist in various research tasks related to image/video analysis with context-based deep learning techniques. This research can be used toward Honors or Research Distinction graduation requirements if desired. It will be expected that each undergraduate will work 10 hrs/week and receive $12/hr. The start date is immediate and the duration is expected through Spring-19, with the possibility for further engagement. If interested, please use the online application link above and reference this posting (and select Prof. Davis as the faculty contact).
    POSTED: 8/22/18,  STATUS: Closed.


  • Seeking undergraduate for iPhone/iPad software development employing computer imaging and analysis for a new point-of-care medical app. A direct measurement technique for Hb content in human red blood cells based on the intrinsic magnetic susceptibility of deoxygenated Hb has been developed by Prof. Chalmers' team in the OSU Dept. of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering. The current task is to miniaturize the framework to enable deployment on an iPhone/iPad platform. A CSE undergraduate researcher/developer is being sought to work with the project team to translate and deploy the technology into a successful app-based framework. It will be expected that the undergraduate will work 10 hrs/week and receive up to $13/hr. The start date is immediate and the duration is expected for 1 year, with the possibility for further engagement. If interested, please forward your resume and any relevant experience (app development, image processing, etc) to Prof. Chalmers (email:
    POSTED: 7/31/18, STATUS: Open


Important Research Events and Opportunities

  • College of Engineering: Graduating “With Research Distinction” or “With Honors Research Distinction” - Research that culminates in the production of an undergraduate research thesis allows the student to receive a special designation on their diploma.
  • Combined BS/MS in CSE - This program allows undergraduates to start graduate study while completing the BS degree. The goal of the combined program is to encourage undergraduates to obtain an advanced degree.
  • Denman Undergraduate Research Forum - The forum during Spring provides a means for all OSU undergraduate students to present their research to the extended OSU community.

  • College of Engineering - Undergraduate Research Forum for Engineering and Architecture. This forum during Spring is intended for every student in any engineering or architecture discipline that participates in research.
  • CSE Research Poster Presentation Forum - This forum during Spring gives CSE/CIS graduate and undergraduate students an opportunity to present their on-going research to peers. 
  • College of Engineering: Summer Research Scholarship Program - This program aims to provide $3,500 scholarships to students who are participating in a first-time research experience during Summer Term.  Students who have just begun participating in undergraduate research within Engineering during the current academic year may also be eligible.
  • College of Engineering - Translating Engineering Research to K-8. This program is a combined research and outreach opportunity involving undergraduate engineering students and area STEM teachers.
  • College of Arts and Sciences: NMS Undergraduate Research Forum - The Natural and Mathematical Sciences Forum is for undergraduate students conducting research.