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CSE Course Enrollment


If you are a pre-CSE/CIS or CSE/CIS major trying to enroll in a CSE course, please make sure you're doing the following:

1.  If searching for 5000-level courses, be sure to filter for “undergraduate” sections. In Class Search in SIS (BuckeyeLink), select “Undergraduate” in the Course Career field.  In Schedule Planner, select “Undergraduate” when prompted.  

                   SIS (BuckeyeLink) Example:  

BuckeyeLink Search


                   Schedule Planner Example:  

Schedule Planner Search


2. To find waitlist-only courses (all 5000 level and 3232) in SIS (BuckeyeLink) or Schedule Planner, you must uncheck the “show open classes only” button when doing a Class Search in SIS, or if you are in Schedule Planner, you must change the Course Status to include waitlist courses. 

                    SIS (BuckeyeLink) Example:  

BuckeyeLink Search Waitlist

                    Schedule Planner Example:  

Schedule Planner Search Waitlist

3.  To Waitlist a course; in BuckeyeLink when adding the courses to your shopping cart, you must make sure to check the “add to waitlist if class is full” box when it comes up. 

                    Waitlist box example:  

Waitlist box


4. If you are searching with all options available and a course is still not showing up, then the course is not being offered.  

Special Notes

* CSE 3232 and all 5000-Level CSE Courses (including Capstones): If you are planning to take CSE 3232 and/or a 5000-level course (including the capstones), you must waitlist it. We are managing the enrollments in these courses due to the number of CSE and CIS graduating seniors who need these courses to complete degree requirements.   

* Check prerequisites for the courses you want to take.

  1. Prerequisites for all CSE courses are being enforced.  Courses with prerequisites CANNOT be taken concurrently with their prerequisites, and you will not be allowed to schedule or waitlist a course if you do not have credit for the prerequisite(s).
  2. Many courses numbered CSE 2331 and higher require being in the CSE or CIS major, or a related major such as Data Analytics.  Students who have not been admitted to the designated major will not be able to schedule or waitlist the affected courses.  PLAN ACCORDINGLY.  
  3. An easy way to check prerequisites for CSE courses is through the CSE Course description website.

Minors and Other Non-Majors      

If you are a non-CSE/CIS student trying to schedule a CSE course, please make sure you've done the following:

  1. Try to enroll in the course as normal.
  2. Try to waitlist the course by checking the "waitlist if course is full" box (even if the course isn't full).
  3. If none of the above work email the CSE advising office with the semester, course number(s), class number(s), section number(s) and days/times that you are trying to add.


Contacting the CSE Advising Office

Email is the quickest way to get answers to most questions. This inbox is checked by all advisors in the office and responses generally take 2 business days. Responses may take longer during busy periods of the semester and breaks.


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