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Minor in Computer and Information Science

Students interested in applying computing principles and practices in another discipline (in which they may be completing a major degree program) should consider completing the Computer & Information Science (CIS) Minor program. Some courses may overlap with a student's current major. However, if you plan on overlapping then you should consult with the CSE advising office to confirm you do not need to take any extra classes.


Prerequisites for the Minor:

  • Math 1151 Calculus I (5 credit hours)
  • CSE 1222 Introduction to Computer Programming in C++ (3 credit hours)


  • CSE 1223 Introduction to Computer Programming in Java (3 credit hours)


Requirements for the Minor:

  • CSE 2122 Data Structures in C++ (3 credit hours)


  • CSE 2123 Data Structures in Java (3 credit hours)
  • CSE 2321 Foundations I: Discrete Structures (3 credit hours)
  • CSE 2501 Social, Ethical and Professional Issues in Computing (1 credit hour)
  • CSE 3430 Overview of Computer Systems for Non-Majors (4 credit hours)
  • Elective Courses
    • Any CSE course 2331 or 3000-level and above
    • At most 2 hours of CSE 4251-4255
    • Recommended Courses: CSE 2133, 2331, 3241, 3521, 4471, 5052
    • Note: Some elective courses may require additional prerequisites

Recommended Sequence of Classes:

Semester 1: Math 1151

Semester 2: CSE 1222/1223      

Semester 3: CSE 2122/2123

Semester 4: CSE 2321, CSE 2501   

Semester 5+: CSE 3430, 6 hours of elective courses

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you are a CIS minor trying to schedule a minor course, please make sure you've done the following. First, try to enroll in the course as normal. Second, try to waitlist the course by checking the "waitlist if course is full" box (even if the course isn't full). Third, e-mail us with the semester, course number(s), class number(s) and days/times that you are trying to add.