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Enrollment Limits

During the last several years, the number of students interested in becoming majors in the programs offered in the department has steadily gone up with the result that the number of majors admitted to the CSE and CIS programs current substantially exceeds our capacity, given our faculty size. In order to ensure that students admitted to the CSE or CIS majors are not closed out of required and elective CSE courses, and that they are able to graduate in a timely fashion, the department will once again institute enrollment limits, limiting the number of students admitted each year to the majors. This limit is imposed via a GPA-based mechanism, approved by the university.

Enrollment in the major programs: Briefly, the mechanism for admitting students into any of the major programs in the department works as follows: Each year a faculty committee (the Undergraduate Studies Committee) determines the GPA cutoff for next year, on the basis of current and projected demand, and the expected resource availability (mainly tenure-track faculty size), using a university-approved formula. Students who wish to be admitted to any of the major programs in the department must meet the current GPA requirement. The precise numerical GPA-requirement, as well as specific course requirements, for admission to the majors are specified in the "prerequisites" list under the individual majors. Students who do not meet the GPA (or other) requirements are not admitted to the major. In the interest of fairness to all students, it is not possible to make exceptions for individual students who do not meet one or more of the requirements for admission to the majors.

Current GPA requirement for admission to the CSE and CIS majors programs: As of Summer 2015, students who have a cumulative GPA of 3.2 or above and have completed the prerequisite courses are admitted to the major following the procedures described in the "admission to the major" page. The GPA requirement will be adjusted each year, based on the demand for the majors and the faculty strength. (For comparison, this document describes the GPA requirements for various majors in the College of Engineering. Note also that although the BS-CIS and BA-CIS are in Arts and Sciences (not Engineering), the admission procedures and conditions are the same as for BS-CSE.)

Enrollment in CSE courses: First preference for enrollment in CSE courses higher than 2221 is given to majors. Once the demand for seats from current majors is satisfied, any remaining seats still available in the course becomes available to non-major students. Occasionally, the demand from majors is so great as to exceed the number of seats in the course. In that case, even majors might be closed out of the course; this is a rare occurrence and the department tries to schedule sufficient numbers of sections of various courses to minimize this.

One important point to note is that the Advising Office cannot make special exceptions for any non-majors and admit them into closed courses.