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Faculty Advisors

Upon being accepted to the major, students will be assigned a faculty advisor. Students are urged to consult with their faculty advisor for information on choosing suitable technical elective courses based on their career goals. This is especially important if the student is interested in taking an unusual combination of elective courses. Additionally, faculty advisors can be helpful in choosing graduate schools or providing information about industry.

When applying for graduation, both CSE and CIS majors will need to meet with their faculty advisors since the advisor's signature is needed on the graduation application. Some students never meet their advisors until they are ready apply for graduation and need the advisor's signature. This may be alright in the case of students who know, for example, exactly which particular elective courses they wish to take and have carefully checked that their choices meet all the requirements of their program. But even such students would benefit by occasionally consulting with their faculty advisor since the advisor might be able to identify alternate elective courses that might be worth considering. In any case, students should not wait until the last minute to approach their faculty advisors for signatures on their graduation application. If they do so, they run the risk, if the advisor in question is not immediately available, of missing the deadline for filing the application and having to postpone graduation.

Students who do not know who their faculty advisor is, can get that information from the Advising Office. Students should also note that administrative functions (such as course adds and drops) are not performed by faculty advisors. These functions are performed by the Advising Office for both majors and pre-majors.