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BS CSE Majors

The graduation application is now online and must be completed by the second Friday of the term before you wish to graduate. For example, students graduating in Spring Semester will be required to submit their applications by the second Friday of Autumn Semester. 

Please note that a change in your graduating semester requires completion of a new application.

BS CIS and BA CIS Majors

The application to graduate must be completed and submitted one semester before graduation. You can request the Major Program Form by emailing be sure to include the semester you are graduating and the courses you will be taking each semester until your graduation semester.

Once you have a signed Major Program form, make an appointment with your Arts and Sciences advisor to submit the form and fill out any additional paperwork. Also check ASC's graduation page.

Program Outcomes Achievement Test (POCAT)

A key aspect of the BS CSE program is a comprehensive set of processes and tools to assess the program and to use the results of the assessments to evaluate various aspects of the program and identify and implement improvements in the program. To assist with this, prior to graduation, BS CSE, BS CIS and BA CIS majors are required to complete the exit test, POCAT. Students will receive emails in their final semester with instructions on how to register for the POCAT.

Exit Survey

The exit survey is part of a careful assessment and feedback activity that BS CSE students are required to take. Starting in 2014-2015, BS CIS and BA CIS majors will also be asked to complete an exit survey. Students will be instructed to take this survey during their final semester while completing the POCAT.

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