Honors, Scholars, Combined BS/MS


University Honors is a university-wide array of opportunities available to high-ability undergraduates. While there is some variation from college to college, these opportunities are designed to encourage and facilitate the pursuit of undergraduate academic excellence. At both the university and the college levels, exceptional students are encouraged to undertake honors programs, special classroom and research opportunities, and co-curricular activities which may result in an enhanced and distinctive undergraduate program.

Prospective students entering The Ohio State University must formally apply for honors affiliation through the University Honors Center based on their college requirements. For more information either see the College of Engineering for CSE majors or the College of Arts and Sciences for CIS majors. Upon application approval, students are eligible to access the many opportunities available to honor-affiliated undergraduates, including priority scheduling privileges, honors residence halls, and honors classes. These classes are limited to 25 students and are taught by faculty.

Honors students are encouraged to join Upsilon Pi Epsilon, an honor society recognizing professionalism in the Computer Sciences.


The scholars program allows students to chose from 17 different programs that are focused around a theme or area of study. Though they are open to students regardless of major there are two specific Engineering programs: Green Engineering and Humanitarian Engineering. Students must indicate interest in scholars when they apply to Ohio State University. For details, please see scholars.

Combined BS/MS

This program allows undergraduates to start their Master's degree in their senior year and apply some courses to both their Bachelor and Master's degrees. Some other "dual" programs are available that may also be of interest to some students. For details, please see combined BS/MS.

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