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Enrichment Programs

Global Enterprise Technology Immersion Experience (GET Immersion)

Get the Experience you need

Students entering the professional workforce are often faced with a
dilemma. In order to get a job, you need experience, but if it is your first job, how do you get experience?

The Global Enterprise Technology (GET) Immersion Experience was designed to help answer this dilemma. Unlike a typical 10-week internship that ends just as you begin to understand your job function and integrate learning from school, the unique GET Immersion Experience is 8-months in length. So you gain knowledge—in such areas as strategy, IT-enabled innovation, organizational dynamics, and effective communication—as well as the specific skills you need to succeed in your project assignments.

GET Immersion Experience Highlights
  • Get paid for an extended work experience focusing on enterprise technology at a global company
  • Starts in January and concludes in early August
  •  While still enrolled at your institution and working full time, earn credits for specific courses, via residencies and online learning, so your graduation is not delayed
  • Become part of a cohort that works and learns together



NEWPATH is an NSF-supported program that has been set up at Ohio State with the mission to educate, train and nurture highly motivated students to become IT entrepreneurs of the information age. The most ambitious students are expected, by the time of graduation, to be running their own IT startups and be ready to become the next generation of business and technology leaders of the IT world.

Intended Outcomes
  • To provide a thorough education in computing fundamentals as well as in the most promising ideas and technologies that are likely to form the core of small and large IT businesses of the future;
  • To help students in the program develop, via the Entrepreneurship Minor program, a thorough understanding of essential issues and ideas related to creating, launching and running successful IT ventures;
  • To help students develop and hone their entrepreneurship skills by providing suitable internship opportunities in IT startups and other suitable IT companies in the Central Ohio area;
  • To help students further develop their understanding of key principles of IT-entrepreneurship by providing a forum, in the form of a weekly seminar, where they can learn from each others' experiences and ideas and by interacting with local IT entrepreneurs;
  • To provide students a realistic experience in planning, acquiring funding, and setting up and running an IT venture in a year-long e-practicum during the final year of the program; and
  • To evaluate each aspect of the NEWPATH program to assess the efficacy of the various components and use the results of the assessments to continuously improve the program.