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NEWPATH Students' Enterprises

The main goal of the program is, of course, to get students to create new IT enteprises. The key idea is not to focus on whether the company will succeed or not but to get the student to create a venture since it is widely recognized that experience with creating and running a company, even if it ultimately fails, contributes considerably to an individual's entrepreneurial abilities. This page lists companies that have been either created or are in the process of being created by NEWPATH students.

  • O2 Insights: The product is to detect the oxygen content around a chronic wound. The oxygen reading will give wound care doctors information to determine the correct course of treatment. The product is applicable to any part of the body and on almost all types of chronic wounds.

    The business plan won the first prize in the Deloitte Fisher Business Plan Competition of OSU, including office space at the Tech Columbus for one year and other awards.

    Currently due to university policies with research technologies, the team cannot setup a C-Corp or LLC because of the equity issue. The involved students are in the process of negotiating with the IP/Tech Licensing department of OSU for the rights to the technology for starting a business.

  • Hottest On Campus: This is a web-based business established in Spring 2010. The website enables students to find out who is the "hottest" on their campus in the most clear and objective way possible while taking great care to remain within the bounds of good taste. Future options include finding jobs for students, pushing events, and other outlets. Continued development is planned for the website,

    This business was established Zach Boerger and Joel Clark in Spring 2010.

  • This venture derives from a web-based idea developed in Spring 2010. It enables students to buy and sell (used) books online for better deals than any campus bookstores. Monetization will likely be from Amazon affiliate links. A prototype is set up and continued development is planned.

    The idea for this business ws developed by Haochi Chen in Spring of 2010.

  • Functional Delights, LLC: This is an iPhone application company established in September of 2009. Currently it is in mid-development on a task-management application. Future applications are being explored.

    The company was established by Benjamin Gilbert and Ian Kono in September of 2009. Currently mid-development on a task-management application that may or may not be pushed to market. Future applications are being explored. The conceptualization, development, and implementation of all Functional Delights future products were completely independent of NEWPATH or other resources at The Ohio State University.

  • RouteKi: is a web-based company that attempts to integrate bus routing, event information, and other map data in one website. The name of the website is derived from the site's functionality: Route, because the site provides routing information, and Ki, because the website plans to take a wiki approach. The site plans on allowing users to post walking routes and edit map data in real time. Also there will be a section of the site that is devoted to events. This section of the site will allow users to post and browse events. The site will then route users to the events from the location of their choice. One of our goals is to get the university to post its events on the site. It is also planned to talk with various club presidents and local businesses to get them to post their events on the site. RouteKi is still in its design phase and a release date is yet to be set.

    Pete Koelsch came up with the idea for Routeki and established the company.

  • Ben Gilbert's company?