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NEWPATH Program for BS CSE and BS CIS Students

Summary: BS CSE and BS CIS students who are in the NEWPATH program are expected to complete each of the following:

  • The standard BS CSE curriculum for their chosen major;
  • The Entrepreneurship Minor offered by the Fisher College of Business (see the "E-Minor" link in the table above), with 7 credit hours counting toward the tech electives requirement of the BS CSE or BS CIS curriculum;
  • Six month, half-time internships spread over two summers or a three month full-time internship during one summer; the internship(s) should be with an IT startup or other suitable IT company in the Central Ohio area and will be coordinated by TechColumbus;
  • The e-practicum (see link in the table above); if the student completes the e-practicum, that may also be counted toward the technical electives.

Benefits of joining the NEWPATH program: NEWPATH is undoubtedly a demanding program, as will be clear by comparing the bingo sheets below. Nevertheless, students with an interest in IT entrepreneurship should seriously consider joining the program since it will not only help them develop essential entrepreneurship skills, it will also give them experience, via the internships, in working for IT startups; and will give them actual experience, via the e-practicum, in planning, trying to acquire funding, and setting up and running their own ventures. Throughout the period that the student is in the NEWPATH program, he or she will have designated faculty advisors from both the CSE Dept. and the Fisher College of Business assigned; in addition, the student will also be assigned to an experienced member of the industry who will serve as a mentor. Plus, subject to making satisfactory progress, NEWPATH students will be eligible for special scholarships.

Joining NEWPATH: Students will typically join the NEWPATH program near the end of their freshman year or early in the sophomore year. It is, however, possible for highly motivated students to join and succeed in the program as late as in their junior year. If you are in your late sophomore year or even junior year and are interested in a program that will develop your entrepreneurial abilities talk to one of the NEWPATH faculty listed and we will work with you to develop a program tailored to your individual situation.