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Entrepreneurship Education for NEWPATH Students: Entrepreneurship Minor

One of the key elements of the NEWPATH program is the training in entrepreneurial principles and practices that it provides to students. An essential component of this is the requirement that all students in the program complete the entrepreneurship minor offered by the Fisher College of Business.

The entrepreneurship minor program is designed to be flexible to meet the needs of students of different backgrounds and with different interests. The minor program requires students to complete the following two courses:

  • Bus MHR 2500 (3 cr. hrs), Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Modern Business;
  • Bus MHR 3510 (3 cr. hrs), New Venture Creation;

In addition, all students pursuing the minor are required to complete at least three other courses from a list of electives (specified at entrepreneurship minor web site). NEWPATH students will find the following elective courses especially appropriate:

  • Bus Finance 3290 (3 cr. hrs), Entrepreneurial Finance;
  • Bus Mktg & Log. 3241 (3 cr. hrs), Entrepreneurial Marketing;
  • Bus MHR 3520 (3 cr. hrs), Leading High Performance Ventures.

Some of the NEWPATH faculty were instrumental in setting up the entrepreneurship minor program in the Fisher College; and are directly and extensively involved in several of the courses listed above. These faculty, along with the NEWPATH computing, faculty will serve as advisors/mentors for NEWPATH students.

As OSU has recently switched to semesters, students who joined OSU when we were on quarters may have completed some of these courses or, rather, their equivalent, under quarters. That is perfectly reasonable. They should complete the remaining courses under semesters. (For reference, the equivalent quarter-courses were, BusMHR 290, BusMHR 490, BusFin 590, BusMktg&Log. 490, and BusMHR 590, corresponding respectively to Bus MHR 2500, Bus MHR 3510, Bus Fin 3290, Bus Mktg & Log. 3241, and Bus MHR 3520.)