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Current NEWPATH Students, Interests, Resumes

Currently (Feb. 2012), there are about 25 active students in the NEWPATH program. These students range from freshmen/sophomores through seniors in a variety of majors (BS-CSE, BS-CIS, BS-ECE, BS-BA (IS)). Most of these students are keen on working as interns in technology (especially IT) startups that will give them an opportunity to hone their entrepreneurial skills while contributing their technical knowledge and skills to solving problems for the company. Internships in other companies, for example more established/larger companies, or companies whose primary business is not IT but that have a strong IT component, would also be suitable for these students. The key requirement is that the company provide opportunities for the students' growth, especially in terms of their entrepreneurial abilities.

Information about the individual students, their interests, and resumes are available by following this link. But access is restricted. If you don't have access but believe that your company can provide suitable internships opportunities to NEWPATH students, please contact Neelam Soundarajan (neelam AT for obtaining access. Also please contact Neelam if you are interested in further information about internships for NEWPATH students or about the program as a whole. Rajiv Ramnath (ramnath AT and Bruce Weide (weide AT are two of the other faculty most involved with the NEWPATH program.

Information about companies currently involved in providing internship (and other opportunities) to NEWPATH students is available.