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Important Information for Majors

(This page contains information relevant to majors in the department that did not fit anywhere else.)

Registration in courses: All registration for courses is done via the Registrar's on-line registration system. Timely registration for courses each quarter is the individual student's responsibility. Students who are CSE/CIS majors are given priority in registration; once their registration requests have been fulfilled, students who are minors in CIS are registered, followed by all other students.

However, the department still wants to be involved in assisting the majors in planning a schedule of courses from the point of becoming a major until graduation. Consequently, all students are encouraged to file an academic plan with the Advising Office within one term of becoming a major.

Placement, Co-ops, & Internships:

Your college Career Services office is a valuable resource to help you reach your career goals. Whether you are an undergraduate just beginning to explore your options through co-op or internship experience, or an undergraduate or graduate student anticipating the transition to full-time career employment, you will want to take full advantage of these services. Each career services office provides: career information (including salary statistics); information about potential employers; a variety of workshops and individual appointments to help with job search issues (interviewing skills, resume writing, etc); full time career, co-op, internships, summer, and part-time postings; and resume referral services. Each Career Services office provides convenient web-based services to help registered students link with potential employers. In addition, opportunities abound to meet with employers here on campus, both through career fairs and on-campus interviewing coordinated by each College. Ohio State's reputation for academic excellence means that many nationally known employers travel to campus to recruit our students.

Placement (post-graduation):

To take full advantage of all of the services and opportunities provided, you should plan to register with your College Career Services office at least three quarters prior to graduation. (If you have previously registered as an intern or co-op candidate, then you need to update your registration to participate in full-time employment services.) Campus recruiting is seasonal; the majority of campus recruiting takes place between October and March. Career fairs take place on campus throughout the academic year.

Co-ops and Internships:

Undergraduate students seeking practical, well-paid career-related work experience should start with their College Career Services office. Cooperative education (co-op) students alternate quarter of full-time work and full-time classes, usually maintaining a continuing commitment to the same employer throughout their undergraduate degrees. Internship students may work full-time for a single quarter or two back-to-back quarters before returning to full-time studies. Part-time employment in computing-related positions is also available with many central Ohio employers, including Ohio State. The Career Services offices co-sponsor and Internship/Co-op Job Fair each April. Typically, employers give first priority when hiring full-time employees to their own co-ops and interns, since both students and employers have had the opportunity for a "test drive." Of course, when it comes to hiring college graduates, employers generally favor those with career-related experience, so students are strongly encouraged to participate in these programs. Requirements for participation vary from college to college. Please contact your college's Career Services office for details.

Utilizing Career Services:

Students should register with the Career Services office serving their college of enrollment. To find out about the full range of services offered by each office and to learn about specific registration procedures, please check out the web site of the office which applies to you:

Engineering Career Services

Arts & Sciences Career Services