Each spring, the Computer Science and Engineering Department offers several one-year scholarships with the intent of recognizing and encouraging excellence in the study of computing. The awards are typically in the amount of $1500.   Eligible candidates must meet the following criteria for initial consideration: be enrolled in the major of CSE or CIS; be a rank 3 or 4; be graduating no sooner than the spring of the following academic year; have completed at least 16 credit hours in CSE at OSU; be pursuing their first baccalaureate degree.  Some awards have additional criteria.

To apply for these awards, CSE majors must file an on-line application through the College of Engineering. The details are available at All CSE students who wish to apply for a CSE scholarship must do so via the process described at that page. All eligible Engineering majors and pre-majors are encouraged to complete the application by the deadline.

CIS majors (both BS and BA) must apply using this application form no later than February 1. Note that this link is for use only by CIS majors.

Recipients of awards will be notified of their selection no later than March 8.

Formal announcements of the scholarship awardees will be made at the annual CSE Banquet held during spring semester.


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