Transfer Credit

This webpage is for students who have been admitted to The Ohio State University and who have taken Computer Science courses elsewhere which need to be evaluated for possible equivalency to Ohio State courses.  You must have a Transfer Credit Report to have courses evaluated.

NOTE: If you have not yet been admitted to Ohio State, we are unable to provide course equivalency other than what can be found on the Registrar's Transfer Credit website (see OSU Quick Equivalencies).


Material for the following courses as listed on a Transfer Credit Report may be submitted for evaluation to the Department of Computer Science and Engineering:

  • CSE G000
  • CSE T000
  • CSE D000
  • MATH G000 ONLY if the course is a Discrete Mathematics course
  • ENGR G000 or T000 ONLY if the course involved programming in a programming language other than MATLAB
  • Courses that were offered as computer science courses at your previous institution regardless of how they are listed on your Transfer Credit Report

Courses listed as CSE S000 have no equivalents and will not be evaluated.

Courses not listed on the Transfer Credit Report cannot be evaluated.

If a course is listed with a course number (for example, CSE 1110 or CSE 1223), then the course has already been completely evaluated and you do not need to submit anything for it. 

If you believe an evaluation is incorrect, contact the CSE Undergraduate Advising Office. DO NOT SEND SYLLABI TO THE ADVISING OFFICE unless you are advised to do so.


Using the link below, submit the following items:

1) a syllabus for each course to be evaluated*
2) a copy of your Transfer Credit Report (see the Registrar's Transfer Credit website for how to download and save a Transfer Credit Report)

*International students must provide a certified translation for each course for which the original syllabus was not written in English.

NOTE: Make sure you have gathered together and uploaded ALL of the necessary materials before submitting.  Once you have submitted, you will not be able to upload anything else for consideration.


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