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Undergradate Research

Many undergraduate students in computing programs participate in research during the undergraduate years, some of them starting as early as in their sophomore year.

Opportunities are available for undergraduate students to participate in research projects in the department. Students who have completed CSE 390X (Project) as well as several of the higher-level classes, and have done well in all or most of their CSE classes, are the most likely candidates for participating in research projects. Most undergraduate research work begins as a result of student-faculty interactions from class. Once a student has identified a particular professor as a potential research advisor, he or she should personally contact the professor, and explore the possibilities of joining an on-going research project, or perhaps even starting a new one.

Scholarships are available from the College of Engineering, College of Arts and Sciences, and the Undergraduate Research Office to support students who wish to engage in undergraduate research. These scholarships are awarded on a competitive basis, and require formal application, including a description of the proposed research. (Note that these research scholarships are distinct from the scholarships described in the scholarships page.)

Further details may be obtained from the respective college offices, but the first steps should be to identify a potential research project, and a research advisor.

Prof. Jim Davis is the Undergrad Research Coordinator for the CSE department. Please contact him if you are interested in doing a CSE undergrad research project and would like suggestions about an appropriate faculty mentor. Students should also check the OSU Undergraduate Research  OSU Undergraduate Research page.