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Senior Lecturer Candidate: Neil Kirby

Technical Staff at Nokia
Monday, April 2, 2018, 4:00 pm

Neil Kirby
480 Dreese Labs
2015 Neil Avenue, Columbus Ohio 43210

What Goes On Under the Hood with SQL Queries?

This talk expands on how a database actually executes queries.  Our underlying emphasis will be on expected performance.  We will introduce estimated execution plans and exploit them to see how adding indices to tables changes the way the database engine will process a given query.  Along with the plans, we will examine estimated costs and look for hot spots in the queries.  In addition to execution plans, we will touch on simple ways to get performance data out of the database.  We will also touch on the basics of optimization and writing code with performance in mind. 

Bio: Neil Kirby is a Member of Technical Staff at Nokia.  There he most recently developed .NET solutions used to support requirements traceability.  He co-wrote “Effective Requirements Traceability: Models, Tools and Practices” for the Bell Labs Technical Journal.  He also provided software architecture consulting services. His previous assignments have included building speech recognition software, operations and support systems software, and teaching at the university level.  He has been the head judge of The Ohio State University’s Fundamentals of Engineering Honors robot competition for many years.  Neil co-founded the IGDA Foundation and serves on its board.  He holds a Masters degree in Computer Science from The Ohio State University.  He also chairs his local village Planning Commission and volunteers for the local Historical Society.  His other publications include An Introduction to Game AI and articles in the AI Game Programming Wisdom series.

Host: Rafe Wenger