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#cantstopcbus "Rally Day"

Thursday, March 26, 2020, 5:00 pm

#cantstopcbus Is a local movement (now being replicated in other cities, Cleveland and Dayton as well as Boston and Austin) activating the local tech community to capture the current needs emerging due to the COVID-19 situations, form teams and projects to solve those problems. While this started as a ‘virtual hackathon’ it’s now much, much more.

Website is   (and recent content on )

The way to get more info is to join our “RALLY DAY” this Thursday, Mar 26 at 5pm. Check the website for the zoom link. An intro about why what we’re doing is important, the impact it’s already having, and then the current project team leads explaining their current needs including small breakout rooms to learn more about those specific projects. (Followed by a virtual happy hour!)