TALK: Introducing Project Aria: A New Tool for Egocentric Multi-Modal AI Research

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Picture of Kiran Somasundaram

Date and Time: Friday, Oct. 6 - 10am-11am EST


Invited Speaker: Kiran Somasundaram, Systems Architect, Meta Reality Labs


Location: DL Room 480

Online - Zoom Link

Meeting ID: 982 4773 6070

Password: 692193



Egocentric, multi-modal data as available on future augmented reality (AR) devices provides unique challenges and opportunities for machine perception. These future devices will need to be all-day wearable in a socially acceptable form-factor to support always available, context-aware and personalized AI applications. Our team at Meta Reality Labs Research built the Aria device, an egocentric, multi-modal data recording and streaming device with the goal to foster and accelerate research in this area. In this talk, we will introduce the Aria device hardware including its sensor configuration and the corresponding software tools that enable recording and processing of such data. We will show live demos of research applications that we can enable with this device platform.



Kiran Somasundaram is a Systems Architect at Meta Reality Labs developing machine perception technologies to enable all-day wearable AR smart glasses. He received his Ph. D., in Electrical and Computer Engineering, from the University of Maryland, College Park, in 2010. Prior to joining Meta, Kiran worked at Qualcomm Research on projects across robotics and mobile AR technologies.