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Financial Aid

Associateships and Fellowships include remission of graduate tuition and fees, plus a stipend ranging from $2,500 - $2,535 per month.

Due to limited availability, we consider applicants for associateships only if they are interested in pursuing a Ph.D., which they should communicate by marking 'Ph.D. only' track on the application. Similarly, the department recommends applicants to the graduate school for fellowships only if they mark 'Ph.D. only' track on their application. Once fellowship or associateship offers are made and availed, this track option cannot be changed.

Associateships require approximately 20 hours per week in service to the department and allow a student to pursue approximately two thirds of a full-time academic schedule.

Fellowships allow a student to pursue a full-time academic schedule. Fellowships include summer support. Students with Teaching Associateships are offered summer support, subject to availability.

Numerous Teaching and Research Associateships are provided each year by the department and, normally, TA offers are made only for Autumn Semester.

Applicants to the graduate program who wish to be considered for an Associateship or Fellowship should indicate this in the appropriate section of the application form.

Students whose native language is not English must demonstrate proficiency in spoken English. Without such a demonstration, students may reduce their chances of getting Associateships and the awards could be smaller.

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