Home Directory Space and Access

The College of Engineering maintains home directory storage space for all affiliated users. This space is typically accessed in the environment via UNIX home directories and the U:\ drive in Windows. User home directories for UNIX and Windows are separate but can be accessed using an SFTP client such as Filezilla or WinSCP.

Connecting to Linux Storage in Windows:

Step 1: Launch Filezilla

You Can launch Filezilla by searching for the application on your CSE windows device.

Step 2: Connect to sftp.cse.ohio-state.edu

Once Filezilla is launched you will setup your connection with the following settings (excluding the quotation marks).

Host: “sftp.cse.ohio-state.edu”
Username: “name.#”
Password: “University Password”
Port: “22”

To save the settings and launch the connection, click the “Quickconnect” button.
You will receive a pop-up windows asking you to trust the connection and confirm your RSA fingerprint, click “OK” to continue.

Step 3: Verify connection is successful

If the connection was made successfully you will see two file explorers, one for your “Local Site” or the workstation you are logged into, and one for “Remote Site” or your CSE Linux Storage home directory.

At this point you will be able to navigate your Linux home directory and access the files stored there.

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