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If you are experiencing an immediate concern or mental health crisis:

See the links provided here:

Due to the COVID-19 precautions I (and all CCS clinicians) have temporarily suspended inperson counseling sessions and in-person workshops through the end of the semester. For current and new clients, I will be providing teleconsultation services through Zoom or by phone. To request a session email me at

What are the INCOMPLETE grading options for SP20, especially the issues as they affect graduation?

The university continues to take steps to provide flexibility for students as they respond to the disruptions caused by COVID-19 while maintaining Ohio State’s commitment to excellence.  As part of this plan, the Graduate School offers the following: 

• The Spring End of Semester deadline for all graduate students (i.e., doctoral and master’s) with an approved Application to Graduate for the Spring 2020 semester has been further extended to July 2, 2020. Students intent on using the Spring End of Semester option for Summer 2020 graduation must complete all degree requirements (e.g., final examinations and final thesis/dissertation submissions) by July 2 in order to avoid registration for the Summer 2020 term. Students who have not yet switched to the Spring 2020 End of Semester option must do so by April 24, 2020. Please be aware that flexibility for remote examinations and online format review will also be extended through end of Summer 2020.

• Students with a grade of “Incomplete” in a Spring 2020 course that is intending to graduate in Summer 2020 are strongly encouraged to have a final course grade by the July 2, 2020 Spring End of Semester deadline, ahead of the July 18, 2020 extended deadline, in order to graduate in summer term without enrolling. 

• All graduating students should ensure that they have kept their address on file until their graduation but must also leave a forwarding address with the University. This will ensure that diplomas, once awarded, are forwarded correctly.
If you have questions that are not answered by your program, or should you wish to discuss an individual student issue, please contact the Graduate School’s Graduation Services address

What are the Pass/No-Pass grading options for SP20?

NOTE: The CSE survey link is no longer a valid way to enter PA/NP requests.
To request PA/NP grading, click on the following link:

REMINDER: Friday, April 17th, is the deadline for entering these requests. Be sure to enter just *one* request and designate one or more classes for PA/NP grading. More information can be found here:

See the following links for more information:

1. Will a PA/NP course be counted in the non-GPA-specific graduate program requirements?

Yes. If a student chooses the PA/NP option for a letter-graded course in SP20 and he/she receives a Pass grade, the course will be counted in the non-GPA-specific graduate program requirements.

2. How will a PA/NP course be handled in the GPA-specific graduate program policies?

     a) Coursework track M.S. students with the project option: To be eligible for taking the project-based Masters Exam (instead of the M.S. Comp Exam), a student may opt-in the PA/NP grade for up to ONE out of the three graduate core courses that he/she is required to take (6331, 6231 or 6341, and 6421 or 6431) and must have an average GPA of 3.0 or better in the remaining two required graduate core courses.

     b) Ph.D. students’ minor areas for candidacy exam: a student may opt-in the PA/NP grade for up to ONE course in total for his/her two minor areas and the average GPA for the rest of the courses in each of the two minor areas needs to be 3.3 or better.

     c) Ph.D. students’ accelerated option of the Qual Exam: All of the three core courses must be letter-graded (i.e., no PA/NP courses) for calculating the GPA requirement (3.6 or better).
3. What is the equivalent letter grade for Pass grade in graduate courses?

     The Graduate School approved that a grade of C- or better will constitute a Pass grade in SP20 only.

4. What should I do if I want to elect the PA/NP option for a course?

     Ms. Kitty Reeves will announce a Qualtrics survey so that you can put your name and courses that you would like to opt in the PA/NP grade. The deadline for electing the PA/NP option on the survey is April 16, 2020, so the last set of PA/NP requests can be sent in on the due date of April 17th, 2020.

Should you have questions about the PA/NP option or other general questions, please feel free to consult Ms. Kathryn Reeves (, Prof. Feng Qin ( or Ms. Lynn Lyons (

Where can I go with questions and concerns about the transition to online learning?

For general information, tools and tips, etc. please visit Please watch your e-mail for updates from your individual course instructors regarding attendance, participation, syllabus updates, exams, etc.  You are also welcome to e-mail them with questions, but please be very patient as you wait for a response.

What happens if I know I will be unable to connect to the zoom class? 

Contact your instructor.  There are going to be a number of students who cannot connect.  Note that you can phone in to the class with a phone number - the instructor should provide the phone number. Instructors should be able to provide asynchronous content, usually recordings of the classes you missed.  You will be required to view these on-line. 

What happens if the zoom class is given at 2:00 a.m. in my time zone? 

Contact your instructor. There are going to be a number of students with this problem.  Instructors should be able to provide asynchronous content, usually recordings of the classes you missed. You will be required to view these on-line.  

What happens if I try to connect to the zoom session but am unable? 

Check CarmenCanvas and your class’s preferred discussion site to see if others are having a similar problem. Instructor technology and web connectivity can fail (as can zoom,) and 40, 60 or 160 e-mail messages flooding your instructor’s mailbox are not helpful.  If you are the only one with a problem, try phoning in and then contact your instructor.  If it seems that the whole zoom session is not working, then wait for instructions from your instructor.  If a class zoom session fails and you (and others) have not received any communication from the instructor for a whole day, then contact Kitty Reeves (reeves.92).

The class is over but I do not see a recording posted. 

It sometimes takes time (possibly hours or longer) for zoom to download a recording.  Your instructor may also have to upload it to mediasite or buckeye box and will have to post a link on CarmenCanvas.  Please wait 24 hours before contacting your instructor about a missing recording posting. 

Why am I not able to schedule any courses?

First, check to see when your enrollment appointment begins.  Go to your Student Center on Buckeye Link and click the “details” link to select the appropriate term.  You can still use Schedule Planner, but will not be able to add any courses before your enrollment appointment begins.

Everyone must complete the Financial Responsibility Statement on Buckeye Link.  If you have other holds or items on your To Do List, check the details on your Buckeye Link and follow the instructions.

I am an international student with questions about where to go, if I can work, etc. Whom should I contact?

The Office of International Affairs (OIA) – Our staff is working fulltime, M-F, 8 a.m.-5 p.m. and is available to assist you via email ( or phone (614-292-6101). An FAQ has also been developed (see below link).



Can I use a university classroom or library to study?

Beginning on Thursday (3/19), all Columbus campus academic and administrative buildings will change to restricted access by having exterior doors locked.

Can I use remote access to a computer lab?

Remote Access to Computer Labs

Isolation can be lonely. Is there someone I can talk to?

The Buckeye Peer Access Line will be available starting next Monday, March 23 from 8 p.m. to midnight, 614-514-3333. This is not a counseling service, but a way that students can connect with other students.

ADDITIONAL QUESTIONS: Post to MS Teams “CSE Graduate Student Info Center”

If you do not have access or have individual concerns, contact Kitty Reeves

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