Graduate Teaching Assistant (GTA) - FAQ

NOTE: Be sure to read the Graduate Student FAQ.

Are there employment related issues for employees in reference to the coronavirus?

Are there some key strategies and resources to help make the shift to working remotely?

Temporary Remote Working Resources:

Where can I go with questions and concerns about the transition to online teaching?

Keep Teaching – Temporary Remote Teaching Resources:
Carmen Zoom Help Sessions:
Online Help Sessions:

Who should I contact if I have questions related to my TA responsibilities?

Please first contact your course coordinator for the questions. If you need further help, please contact Ms. Kathryn Reeves at Also we have set up a channel at Microsoft Team (here) and you may find the answers to your questions there.

What happens if you lose your Zoom meeting connection?

Be sure to let students know this could happen; and that you will connect as soon as possible so they should stay in the zoom room until the end of the scheduled time.

What if you have not heard from a student?

If the student is an undergraduate student, contact the CSE undergraduate advising office for help. 

If the student is a graduate student, contact Kitty Reeves

What if a student has bad connectivity and/or computer device issues?

Flexibility is key. The idea is to help the student learn the course material as best as possible in the current challenging environment.

What are some exam options in an online test taking environment?

Carmen Quiz: Login to CarmenCanvas for more information

Proctorio for instructors:

Proctorio for students:

What to tell students who are questioning final grade information/options?

For this week, the answer is likely unknown and still in flux. Provost Bruce McPheron emailed the evening of March 20th about some possible options but these still need to be discussed and voted on. The answer is what is currently on the syllabus until more information is known. Assure students you will let them know as soon as you know.

What if a student is hoping for an incomplete grade?

Incompletes options are being discussed with a possible longer period of time for the student to complete the course requirements.

Be sure to contact your course coordinator and copy Kitty Reeves (reeves.92) about all incomplete grades.

Final exam scheduling is still in flux. The current information is below, but keep informed and updated.

Last day of classes: April 24, 2020

Final exam schedule:

Communication is key

Definition:  The *successful* conveying or sharing of ideas

ADDITIONAL QUESTIONS: Post to MS Teams “CSE Graduate Student Info Center”

If you do not have access or have individual concerns, contact Kitty Reeves


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