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Undergraduate FAQ – updated April 9, 2020

COVID-19 related concerns

I am an international student with questions about where to go, if I can work, etc. Who should I contact?

The Office of International Affairs staff is working fulltime, M-F, 8 a.m.-5 p.m., and is available to assist you via email ( or phone (614-292-6101). They have also developed this FAQ for international students.

Can I use a university classroom or library to study?

Beginning on Thursday (3/19), all Columbus campus academic and administrative buildings will change to restricted access by having exterior doors locked.

Isolation can be lonely. Is there someone I can talk to?

The Buckeye Peer Access Line will be available Monday-Friday from 8 p.m. to midnight (EST), 614-514-3333. This is not a counseling service; it is a non-emergency talk line that provides a space for students to engage in brief phone conversations in order to gain support and learn about campus resources.  Student volunteers are available to provide peer-to-peer assistance that promotes and enhances student development and wellbeing.  

CSE Course Instruction

Where can I go with questions and concerns about the transition to online learning?

For general information, tools and tips, etc. please visit

Please watch your e-mail for updates from your individual course instructors regarding attendance, participation, syllabus updates, exams, etc.  You are also welcome to e-mail them with questions, but please be very patient as you wait for a response.

Pass/Non-Pass Policy

Where can I go with questions about the Pass/Non-Pass policy approved for Spring 2020?

Most of your questions are likely answered here. Please review this website thoroughly before contacting the Advising Office with questions.

CSE Course Scheduling

Why am I getting a prerequisite error?

Prerequisites for all CSE courses are being enforced, and several courses have had prerequisites updated.  In particular, many courses numbered CSE 2331 and higher now require being in the CSE or CIS major, or a related major such as Data Analytics.  Students who have not been admitted to the designated major will not be able to schedule or waitlist the affected courses.  PLAN ACCORDINGLY.

Why am I not able to schedule any courses?

First, check to see when your enrollment appointment begins.  Go to your Student Center on Buckeye Link and click the “details” link to select the appropriate term.  You can still use Schedule Planner, but will not be able to add any courses before your enrollment appointment begins.

Everyone must complete the Financial Responsibility Statement on Buckeye Link.  If you have other holds or items on your To Do List, check the details on your Buckeye Link and follow the instructions.

What is happening with CSE 3232 and 5000-level courses?

If you are planning to take CSE 3232 and/or a 5000-level course (including the capstones), you must waitlist it.  For CSE 3232, graduating seniors with the Software Engineering specialization will be placed in first (in waitlist order), followed by other graduating seniors, then others, until capacity is reached.  For CSE 552X, graduating seniors with the Artificial Intelligence specialization will be placed in first (in waitlist order), followed by other graduating seniors, then others, until capacity is reached.  For all other 5000-level courses, including capstones, graduating seniors will be placed in first (in waitlist order) regardless of specialization  We are managing the enrollments in these courses due to the number of CSE and CIS graduating seniors who need these courses to complete degree requirements. 

Why am I having trouble finding a particular CSE class on Buckeye Link/Schedule Planner?

First, always filter your course career to “undergraduate”. To find waitlist-only courses in SIS (Buckeyelink) or Schedule Planner, you must uncheck the “show open classes only” button when doing a Class Search in SIS, or if you are in Schedule Planner, you must change the Course Status to include waitlist courses.  In addition, when actually adding the courses, you must make sure to check the “add to waitlist if class is full” box when it comes up.  If you are searching with all options available and a course is still not showing up, then the course is not being offered.

Admission to Major

I am a pre-major hoping to get into CSE or CIS after this semester. What do I need to be aware of regarding the pass/non-pass policy?

The requirements for admission to the CSE and CIS majors HAVE NOT CHANGED.  Students must still complete all course requirements and meet minimum Cumulative and Major GPA requirements.

If you are completing CSE 2221 this semester (SP20) and choose the PA/NP option for it, you will not be establishing your Major GPA and thus will not be eligible for admission to the major.  If you Pass the course, you will still be able to take CSE 2231 and 2321 as a pre-major, and you will have to reapply during the term in which you complete these two courses.

If you are completing CSE 2231 and 2321, or higher, this semester (SP20) and choose the option for any of your current CSE courses, your Major GPA will be based on CSE 2221 and any other higher CSE courses for which you have received a letter grade.

BEFORE YOU DECIDE whether to take the option, consult with your academic advisor to review your current record and current standing in your CSE courses to determine the impact taking the option may have on admission to the major.

The department will not count this semester against the maximum number of times students may apply to the major, so take the time to consult with your advisor and consider carefully what course of action may be in your best interest

We have received some questions regarding using PA/NP for the required non-CSE courses.  These courses have always been accepted as long as course credit is earned, which occurs with a grade of D or higher.  If you choose the PA/NP option for any of these courses, you must successfully Pass to gain course credit.  

How can I contact the CSE Advising Office?

Visit the CSE Advising Office website and click on the link that best applies to you.

Student Technology Needs

Please complete this survey to let the department know what resources you have available at this time. Only complete the survey if you have not already.


Wexner Medical Center's website on Coronavirus for general questions