Alum Leads the Microsoft Garage

Posted: May 9, 2014

Recently, the Seattle Times gave front page exposure to the efforts of Ben Gilbert (BSCSE, '11) and his leadership of the Microsoft Garage.

The Garage is two physical spaces which give structure to the many concept spaces Microsoft employees envision. Microsoft employees use the space and the equipment contained to experiment, design, essentially fulfill those ideas which are beyond their work day projects. Some of the work has been included in Microsoft's products and releases.

Ben, who joined Microsoft in 2011, began overseeing the Garage about a year ago and brings a great deal of passion to his leadership. His love for collaboration and entrepreneurial problem-solving has long been a part of his education and personality. He honed these skills in a number of project-oriented courses that he completed as part of his BS-CSE program and in other activities such as his active participation and leadership in the NEWPATH program. For Ben, the work at Microsoft is a "thrill. .. I love working with great people who trust each other, where everyone has a different skill set and adds a piece to the puzzle."

For more about Ben Gilbert and Microsoft's Garage, follow the link to the original article.

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