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Posted: September 19, 2014

To foster a tech culture amongst students at Ohio State and cultivate technical talent in Columbus and the Ohio region, “OHI/O” — Ohio State’s Annual 36-hour Hackathon and programming contest was held Friday October 3rd through Sunday October 5th. During the weekend, over 200 undergraduate and graduate student programmers built software programs and demonstrated them to a live audience of students, faculty, and representatives from tech companies. The students were competing for over $5000 in prizes. They were judged on categories including technical difficulty, creativity, usefulness, and presentation. The event was supported by Persistent Systems, Google, TCS, and multiple units at Ohio State.

At the VIP Showcase event on Sunday at the Ohio Union, the following prizes were awarded:

  • All finalists received an Arduino Starter Kit.
  • Ross Johnstal, defying the odds by working alone, achieved first place and received a Parrot AR Drone and a GitHub one year Silver account for his use.
  • The second prize was earned by a team called Whole Grain consisting of Isaac Goldthwaite, Eric Soppi, Sean Whitehurst, and Mohit Deshpande. They each took home a Nexus 7 Tablet and a 1 year of GitHub Bronze account.
  • Dan Leahy and Thomas Clark, calling their team CheckIn, took third place and each received Philips Iris Hue and a 6 months GitHub Bronze account.

Watch this site for the 2015 Hackathon coming in Autumn 2015. It is only growing bigger.

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