Why You Should Get Involved with ACM-W

Posted: September 16, 2014

The Association for Computing Machinery Committee on Women at The Ohio State University has much to offer CSE students during this academic school year. Current president Lizzy Burl spoke about her involvement in the organization and about the upcoming events that ACM-W will be hosting and/or taking part in.

Burl, a current senior at OSU, has been in ACM-W since her sophomore year. When asked what inspired her to join, she commented that an upper-classmen had referred her to the organization as a great way to get involved. She has previously served as social chair and vice president and looks forward to her current role. Outside of her position as president, Burl also TA’s for Fundamentals of Engineering Honors and enjoys assisting students with the annual robot competition.

As for upcoming ACM-W events, there are a wide variety of them ranging from professional development to purely social. Some of these include but are not limited to the CSE Picnic, Technical Interview Prep, and Tech Talks. These events are open to all CSE majors (male and female), and professors are also encouraged to attend the CSE picnic. Additionally, ACM-W will be co-hosting a Jeopardy game (students vs professors) and will be assisting in Middle School Girl’s Coding Day, an event created by Jon Ruben. Some of ACM-W's more causal events will include rock-climbing, pizza nights, and weekly coffee office hours. The coffee office hours be held every Monday from 11:20am-1:00 pm in DL159, and they are a great way to learn more about the commitee while enjoying coffee and desserts.

Another massive event that ACM-W will be taking part in is the annual Grace Hopper Conference. The GHC is a national occurrence and will be located in Baltimore, MA this year. Burl described the conference as an exciting occasion including keynote speakers, a career fair, and plenty of networking opportunities. In order to get updates about all of the ACM-W events, meetings, and the Grace Hopper Conference, please subscribe to the mailing list found here.

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