CSE Student Named 2014 Innovator

Posted: November 10, 2014

The Department of Computer Science and Engineering congratulates doctoral student David Maung for receiving the 2014 Student Innovator of the Year.

The university-wide innovator awards recognize research creativity and entrepreneurship among Ohio State researchers by honoring the university’s most successful faculty, staff and student entrepreneurs.

Mr. Maung is an advisee of Dr. Roger Crawfis working in the Graphics area. He was the chief architect and software developer for an at-home gaming program for stroke patients who experience motor weakness from hemiparesis – an inability to move one side of the body. Hemiparesis, which can be debilitating, affects 325,000 individuals each year. Yet, less than one percent of those affected receive constraint-induced movement therapy (CI therapy), the most common form of therapy to improve motor function.

Recognizing the need for a low-cost, accessible therapy to improve arm function, David led the software development for “Recovery Rapids,” an innovative 3D computer-gaming version of CI that provides in home, high repetition motor exercise that targets the affected hand, arm and shoulder and encourages use of the weaker arm to perform routine daily activities.

“Receiving the University award is terrific,” said Maung. “I believe all of us on the team were excited about the positive results we received during the PCORI trial and want to see this project disseminated. I'm glad to help make that happen.”

The software was developed in collaboration with a team of clinicians, computer scientists, an electrical engineer and a biochemist from the Department of Computer Science and Engineering, the Wexner Medical Center and Nationwide Children’s Hospital. Next steps will be the formation of a corporation called “Games That Move You” to disseminate this therapy.

The Student Innovator of the Year award recognizes innovation and entrepreneurship among our students that has contributed to the development or commercialization of a new technology. This year’s Student Innovator of the Year award is sponsored by Sigma Xi, the scientific research society honoring excellence in scientific investigation.

The 2014 awards were presented by Caroline Whitacre, vice president for research, during the annual State of Research Address. Learn more about Ohio State Research and Innovation on the Office of Research website.

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