Eyes on the Tiger

Posted: November 25, 2014

As recently reported in New Scientist magazine, Dr. Anish Arora's wireless sensor network research has been deployed for protecting wildlife as well as humans in forests and national parks. Arora's sensor array is now being used in India's Panna National Park to discriminate tigers from humans and wildlife. Panna is well known to the environmental protection community as the tiger disappeared from the park during the last decade, but then the park became the first ever site to which the tiger was successfully transplanted and a sustainable tiger population gradually resulted.  The sensor network helps keep tigers away from farms and villages. It also empowers the rangers watching for poachers in the reserve.

"It is as simple as that. The alarm goes off and poachers get caught," says Arora. When the system is fully up and running, according to Dr. Arora, it will cover all the most tiger-trafficked parts of the forest.

For more details see the article here.

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