Best Community Paper Award at MobiCom 2016

Posted: December 5, 2016

In October, Computer Science and Engineering students and faculty of the Ohio State University received the Best Community Paper Award at the ACM Conference on Mobile Computing and Networking (MobiCom), 2016. MobiCom is a flagship conference in the area of mobile computing and wireless networking. The conference accepted only 32 papers out of 226 submissions (14.2%). From those, two were recognized for their excellence: one paper for the Best Community Paper Award, and another one for the Best Paper Award.

Led and supervised by CSE Assistant Professor Chunyi Peng, the research work was conducted by CSE Ph.D. student Haotian Deng collaborating with Ph.D. candidates Yuanjie Li and Zengwen Yuan of UCLA. The paper, titled "MobileInsight: Extracting and Analyzing Cellular Network Information on Smartphones," details their creation of the first in-device software tool, MobileInsight, which monitors and analyzes cellular network protocol behaviors and states using commercial off-the-shelf phones. Since it offers open-access to fine-grained runtime network operations without any extra hardware or additional data from carrier networks, it bridges the gap between the research community and industry making it possible and easy for researchers and developers to accurately understand and refine how cellular protocols operate at the device and inside the network. Since its release in June 2016, more than 40 groups across the world including the USA, UK, Germany, France, Korea, and China have downloaded and used this tool.

For Haotian Deng this has been as a successful year. He has also co-authored two other conference accepted papers, one in NSDI'16 and one in SIGMETRICS'16. They are the top venues in the fields of computer and networking systems.

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